About Us

Ohio Consulting Foresters

Ohio Foresters LLC  was formed as the tri-states premier forest resource management consulting company specializing in providing timber sales and forest management services to forest landowners and investors in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. 

Our experience

The Ohio Foresters LLC team of dedicated consulting foresters and forest resource specialists have over 72 years combined experience in forestry consulting services, wood and log procurement and wildlife management.  Our experienced foresters continue to seek forestry education and information which will keep the company up to date on pertinent forestry issues. Ohio Foresters LLC would like to share some of those issues with you.   

Working for the forest landowner

It is important to take note that Ohio Foresters LLC works for the forest landowner.  We work for you, not for the sawmills or wood manufacturing corporations. The Ohio Foresters LLC team of professional foresters are committed to providing low cost, quality service to all forest landowners.